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protect takes to the stage at the democratic national convention. >> i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states. states. >> we'll have more of last night's big speech and a look ahead at tonight's address from president obama including details on a last-minute change of venue. fox 5 news continues right now. live look outside right now. it is thursday, september 6th,
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as we bring the week to a close. one more day, friday, and then it is the weekend. >> yeah. >> happy thursday. >> happy thursday. >> happy friday eve. >> i know all the kids are back in school. it certainly feels like summer. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> i never heard that term before, friday eve. >> i think julie wright. ed that phrase. >> she did? >> we look forward to the friday because then we know we can sleep. >> for some of us who work on the weekend. >> that's true. we're glad you're here with us. >> turn is on vacation and let's take a look now at satellite-radar composite and show you what is going on there. some of you are see ago few light showers that are popping up out to the west. that will be the story in the course of the morning hours. a few isolated showers are possible. let's take a look at our
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weather maps, please. here is a look at current temperatures across the area. we are starting out fairly mild and warm. 79degrees at annapolis and 75 at bwi thurgood marshall. 79 at quantico. it will be hot today. headed to the low 90s. >> thank you. time now to say hello to julie wright, see what is happening on the roads. >> and that little bit of summer is just for you, sarah simmons. >> thank you. i know you send it to me with love. >> i do. i'm loving it. i really am. >> the serve is escalate ors are out of service. the entrance escalators are out of service at foggy bottom. the station remains open. be prepared for this. if you want to make the like down the steps, you can. bus service has been requested at foggy bottom. the crew in sky fox joining us
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this morning. they happen to be live over 66 coming inbound from fair oaks to the beltway. lanes are open. no problems to report. the j team with us this morning, jeff, john and jeremy doing their thing. no trouble spots to report right now. we had a little something stopped on the shoulder. that has since cleared so lanes are open and pace is good leaving nutley street to the beltway. southbound 270, no problems to report out of gaithersburg. traffic is stacked up approaching and passing 109 making your way through hyattstown. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, 25 soldiers killed in an explosion and fire at an ammunition depot in turkey. this happened in a province in the western half of the nation. officials say the cause is accidental and are ruling out a terrorist attack. this morning's big story, president obama will close out the democratic national convention tonight. the much-anticipated speech was
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supposed to be held in a 74,000 seat outdoor stadium but it is now being moved indoors because of the threat of severe weather. last night, the former president bill clinton made his speech. he useed a little humor to attack the gop. >> in tam park the republican argument against the president's re-election was actually pretty simple, pretty snappy. it went something like this. we left him a total mess. he hasn't cleaned opportunity fast enough so fire him and put us back in. >> later this hour, we'll go live to charlotte for more on clinton's speech and talk more about what the last-minute change of venue could mean for the convention goers. we'll also bring you live
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coverage of tonight appear speech beginning at 10:00 tonight. -- of tonight's speech beginning at 10:00 tonight. a 12-year-old furred an alford plea to involuntary manslaughter meaning he did not admit guilt in the death of a 2- year-old foster child in his home. he will return to court in october. new details have been released about last month appears deadly train derailment in ellicott city. the ntsb says a train was traveling at 25 miles per hour which is the speed limit. two friends were killed in the derailment. they were sitting on the train overpass when the train derailed. it could take up to a year and a half to determine the cause of the derailment. d.c. police are hoping a surveillance photo way help them solve an armeled robbery
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ate church. police a mask man robbed them at st. steven's church on newston street northwest. if you have information that can help, please call d.c. police. tonight is the first of three public hearing on a proposed fare like on the dulles toll road. the metropolitan washington airports authority is considering a plan that would double the base rate to $4.50 by 2015. the money would help fund metro's new silver line. there will be two more public hearings next week. making headline this morning, what a new study says about bad sleeping habits and a potential link to alzheimer's disease. >> first, a sweeping move in afghanistan to keep u.s. service members safe following dozens of deadly attacks. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. 
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making headlines, hundreds of afghan national army
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soldiers have been detained or discharged in response for a wave of deadly taxes on u.s. and nato forces. this year, 45 sopers have been killed in green on blue attacks. it is a disturbing story and this morning, police have made two arrests. you may remember this photo released a few week ago. homeland security official say this woman was in a video in which she allegedly sexually abused two young girls. at the time, she was identified only as jane doe. yesterday, fed value investigators arrested 40-year- old michelle freeman and her husband 39-year-old michael freeman and they surrendered to police at their home in salem, oregon. a new study says trouble sleeping could be a sign of alzheimer's disease. researchs are in the uk found a type of brain plaque commonly found in alzheimer's patients showed up in mice around the
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same time the mice started having trouble sleeping. so the hope is that this will eventually lead to earlier detection of alzheimer's disease in humans. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, her mom and dad thought it was the flu but it turns out a 7-year-old girl had come down with an ancient illness. we'll explain that next. a private lake the victim of an animal attack. the victim, an 83-year-old woman. find out how a neighbor came on to her rescue. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. mitt romney's position on women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control.
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we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
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when severe weather strikes, animals can be hit hard too. later today, nine rescue dogs from the gulf coast will make their way to a new temporary home at the washington and rail rescue league. four of the rescues are puppies. all will require extensive
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treatment before they are placed for adoption. >> interesting. -- at the washington animal rescue league. >> live look outside. still dark outside. we don't need the sun to come up to tell us it is hot. >> i know. but it will heat things up when it starts coming up later on today. >> you're right. you will feel like air in maybe august, middle of august or so. felt like that for the past six months. let's tech a look at our fox 5 accu-weather live radar and show you what is happening. some of you are get a little bit of a cooldown of sorts with a little bit of light rain out there. not heavy rainfall in any regard in too many places. there are a couple of pockets of maybe moderate rainfall. you can see here just to the south of front royal and harrisburg, these patches of yellow and red are a little bit heavier. we do anticipate seeing a pop- up shower here and there before it is all said and done in the course of the morning hours.
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don't be surprised if you feel a little bit of a sprinkle or two. this evening, we may see just a little bit of activity but nothing major. let's get to the weather maps and talk about temperatures now. 90degrees is what we hit at reagan national airport yesterday. 91 at dulles. temperatures well above the seasonal average for this time of year. it's warm start to your morning, folks. 79degrees at annapolis. 7 # at bwi sure good marshall. 79 at quantico this hour. we have 78 at d.c. -- 78 at bwi thurgood march shul. we are looking at a chance of mainly just a few clouds. -- 78 at bwi sure good marshall. another frontal system to the west of us is going to be the weather maker as we head through into the weekend. we are talking a chance of some thunderstorms. in the meantime, today, no
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storms to talk about. 90degrees arks hot, sticky and humid day. once again, chance of an isolated shower this morning. tonight, 74 degrees. partly cloudy with light winds. -- 90 degrees, a hot, sticky and humid day. as we move through into the beginning of the week, it gets a little cooler. let's check in with julie wright and traffic. >> all right. it is getting busy out here on the highway. the crew in sky fox now above an incident in virginia on the inner loop of the beltway as you approach the georgetown pike. this is where we have the disabled tractor-trailer. two right lanes are now taken away at the scene of this incident. you can see that state police are behind this tractor-trailer and traffic on the inner loop now starting to slow as you travel north of the dulles toll road head up towards this incident. so again, stay to the center and left to get by. expect an unusual backup this morning. let's take it back inside.
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we'll update the ride here eastbound 66. coming in out of manassas, delays from before 234 south to the car rest area. 50 to 123, westmoreland you out to the fairfax drive. this is southbound 70. this will improve once you get past the truck scales only to slow again in germantown. if you are traveling metrorail, we do have problems at foggy bottom. staying is open but the entrance escalators are out of service. bus service has been requested there at the scene and the station remains open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. an 83-year-old woman is in the hospital after being taxed by what -- attacked by a rabid deceiver. a friend noticed a beaver that didn't seem quite right make a beeline for lillian peterson. friend rescued her by hitting
6:19 am
the beaver with a canoe paddle. animal was euthanized and will be tested for rabies. a 7-year-old girl from colorado is recovering from the bubonic plague. now, when sarah joan downing started feeling sick after a family camping trip, her parents thought she had the flu. but once sierra had a seizure and a fever of 107, they knew something was seriously wrong. she was eventually diagnosed way arare illness which is transmitted to humans through infected flea bites. her mother expects she may have been exposed by insects found near a dead squirrel she wanted to bury. a health alert this morning. a huge spike in the cases of the west nile virus. the cdc released new numbers wednesday. there was a 25% jump from just last week. some 1500 cases up to nearly 2,000. the number of deaths from the virus also jumped, up 32% from the good news that is no new
6:20 am
cases were reported in d.c., maryland or virginia. >> either way, i'm going to stay away from the millions of mosquitos in my backyard just to be safe. >> i agree with you on that. we'll go live to fox business network in new york. who is working full time? not as many people as you may think. >> as we go to break, a good reason to smile. it may help lower your heart rate. researchers found activating the muscles used to smile sends a message to your brain that you're happy. when you are happy, you tend to be more relaxed, which lowers your heart rate. >> i feel it going down. >> seat connection. we're all happy here, even michael spencer, our floor director is happy. >> no, he's not. >> smile, michael. >> we're back in just a moment.
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a new poll finds that only 27% of adults world wiewd work full time. we'll have more on that in just a moment. first, time to look at the markets. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with this morning's business beat. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> now, stocks, i guess they are calling this a mixed bag at this point? >> yeah. the dow is higher but the nasdaq and the s&p 500 fell yesterday, not by much. we had very small moves. but we did have volume pick up which is a good thing. more traders back at work. disney shares and disney is a dow component, they surged to an all-time high yesterday. that is the reason that that dow is 11 1/2 points higher. this morning, we are higher as well across the board. >> let's talk about the new gallup poll that says there are not a lot of people worldwide working full time. >> the numbers are tribing. it is important to note this
6:25 am
today. -- the numbers are striking. gallup says just 27% of the world's population works full time and full time is considered 30 or more hours a week. here in north america, it is a little bit more, 41%. but for the world at 27, that is pretty low. if you look at recent day a, yesterday we got a labor and productivity report that showed our productivity is increasing. so we are all working more because our employers are not too keen on hiring new workers. so many of us are doing double shifts. you know how that feels, right? >> we all know how that feels. >> because of the economy, you know. companies are just skittish to bring in more talent. >> so they increase the work load. we understand completely. >> good to see you. >> back to the morning's big story. president obama set to address the democratic national convention tonight following a big endorsement fry man who has held the office before. >> i want barack obama to be
6:26 am
the next president of the united states. >> next, we're live in charlotte with more on what former president bill clinton had to say and we'll look ahead to tonight's main event. ain ev
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former president bill clinton took to the statement at the difficultyic national convention in charlotte last night. >> he got a very warm welcome from the crowd on and stole the show with his endorsement of president obama. tax a listen. >> i want a man who believes with no doubt that we can build a new american dream economy driven by innovation and creativity, by education and, yes, by cooperation. and by the way, after last night, i want a man who had the good sense to marry michelle obama. >> delegates loved that line cheering the first lady. she spoke on the first night of the convention. a lot of people loved her
6:30 am
speech as well. we'll have weather and traffic in just a moment. first, let's get more on last night appear speech. >> fox's nicole collins is live in charlotte. >> reporter: protect and to relish his time to stage last night. he spoke for about 50 minutes. that is about 30 minutes more than he was given. >> from political enemies to political collaborators, president obama and former president bill clinton sharing a amendment on stage after the 42nd president put his charm on display using his reputation to make the case for obama. >> president obama start wimbledon much weaker economy than i did. list started with a much weaker economy than i dsm listen to me now. no president, not me, not any of any my fred seesors, no one could have fully repaired all
6:31 am
of the damage he found in just four years. -- listen to me now. no president, not me, not any of my fred seesors, no one could have fully repaired all of the damage he found in just four years. -- not any of my predecessors, no one could have fully repaired all of the damage he found in just four years. >> republican economic policy quadrupled the national debt before i took office in the 12 years before i took office. and doubled the debt in the eight years after i left. because it defied arithmetic. rotor speech was eloquent and detailed though critics say a little long and self-indulgent. his approval rating is nearly
6:32 am
70% making the endorsement a vital one. former white house chief of staff rahm emmanuel told bloomberg news to expect a big and visionary speech from the president when he accepts his nomination on that stage behind me later tonight. >> thank you. it is gwen time. >> first, we want to mention something about the convention tonight. >> fox 5 will broadcast president obama's acceptance speech tonight beginning at 10:00. stay tuned to fox 5 for complete coverage of the democratic national convention and reaction. we also stream the speech live on >> so big night. that's for sure. big day in terms of weather too. just at least the humidity but then things will change later on. >> exactly. we have some nice temperatures that people can look forward to in our seven-day forecast. in the meantime, here is a look the our fox 5 accu-weather radar where you can see we've got wet weather that has sprung up over areas of our west and that will be what will happen in the course of the morning
6:33 am
hours. we can see i a few pop-up showers here and there. not a total washout for you. we do have some sunshine in our forecast. 79 at annapolis. 75 at baltimore. we have 78 at d.c. 70degrees at frederick and 73 at culpeper. 71 at hagerstown. a pretty mild start to your morning. your day planner, by midday, we should be about 88 degrees. it will be humid today. we are heating up to a high of 90 degrees. that was the high yesterday. temperatures well above average but once again, it is just a little bit of a tease to the cooler weather that is ahead. >> i know. i was hoping you were going to mention that. thank you. time now to get a look at what is happening on the roads with on-time traffic and julie wright. >> we've had some problems out here on the roads. let's start off talking about metrorail because power has been restored. the escalators are now in
6:34 am
service at the foggy bottom metro stop. good news for you there. inner loop of the beltway, the georgetown pike, we had a stalled tractor-trailer still blocking the right lane. crew in sky fox still with us. they've moved to the top stretch of the beltway as you continue around from greenbelt around towards college park. here we are with traffic merging on from i-95. lanes are open but it is a slow go headed over towards university boulevard with the long-term construction project remaining. three to the right, one to the left way get you by but tea lays stacking occupy out of college park headed into silver spring. so again, southbound 95 to the top left starting to slow on the ramp to exit on to the outer loop of the beltway. let's take it back inside. southbound 270 tied up here out of hyattstown. traffic also starting to back up leaving germantown headed out towards 124. i have delays traveling in virginia eastbound on 66. heavy, slow and steady out of manassas through centreville, fair oaks to 123. that's a check of your fox 5
6:35 am
on-timetraffic. etraffic. here is your chance to weigh in on proposals to raise the fares for the dulles toll road. the first public hearing on the matter goes from 5:00 to 8:00 tonight at stone bridge high school. they are considering a plan to double the base rate by 2015 to help fund metro's silver line. a 1-year-old boy from fort washington has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the beating death of a 2-year- old foster girl living with his family. the boy entered an alfor the record plea in court yesterday. in return, prosecutors dropped the more serious charge of second degree murder. the boy's plea was not and an
6:36 am
admission of guilt. another attack on north carolina avenue in southeast and less than three weeks from the last attack. melanie alnwick has the details. >> reporter: the victim in this latest attack says there was a witness. he was attacked tuesday night, punched, kicked and robbed of his cell phone. it sounds just like what happened in the first case that has capitol hill neighbors so rattled. this victim's name is casey adams. he says two men caught him off guard. he was talking with his wife on his cell phone walking home after midnight when he was jumped. now, police want to know if this late night attack is connected to another one a couple of weeks ago. tc maslin was robbed and beaten, both crimes on north carolina avenue southeast just a few blocks apart. this is surveillance video that police released last week.
6:37 am
they say the people in this 2005 hyundai sonata were using tc's credit card near the crime scene. adams says his attackers also took off in a car but he didn't see it. >> the witness said that, after they had knocked me down and got my phone from me, they left me there on the street just -- i moon i was unconscious for maybe a few moments. but after the two gentlemen left, they hopped into the back of a car and they sped away. >> we're in another spike and so i do believe that the police can get a handle on it. i think certainly with the diligent citizenry anden el doing their part, i think we can get ahead of this. but right now, i'm extremely concerned. we are all upset about it. >> reporter: last night, d.c. police chief cathy lanier met with citizens on capitol hill and told them that high-profile attacks that receive media attention like these make it seem as if there is more crime and said that mpd has worked very hard for the first half of
6:38 am
this year to reduce the spike in crimes that was going on. police say, however, there 40 robberies over this labor day weekend alone. coming up at 7:00, we'll tell you what tommy wells is asking bars and restaurants in the area to do. thank you. it could take up to a year and a half to determine what caused the deadly train derailment in maryland last month. but the national transportation safety board has released a preliminary report. it says the train was traveling at 25 miles per hour when the train derailed. that is the set speed limit in that part of ellicott city. two girl sitting on the tran overpass were killed when the train cars carrying coal toppled over. the nfl launches a new effort to fight a disturbingly common disease in former players. >> also ahead be a 7-year-old girl diagnosed with bubonic
6:39 am
plague. details on the recovery and where her mom thinks she caught it in the first place. we'll be right back. hi there.
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it's disease most of us have learned about in history class. the bubonic plague wiped out one-third of europe's population in the 14th century. >> this morning, a little girl in colorado is recovering after contracting the rare disease. lauren green has the story. >> reporter: 7-year-old sierra jane downing of colorado has been diagnosed with the bubonic plague. it is the first confirmed human case in the state since 2006. her parents thought she just had the flu but it wasn't until she had a seizure that her father knew something was seriously wrong. >> nobody really knew what she had or anything. they crust sort of thought it was a fever-induced seizure and that she would be fine the next day. >> reporter: the disease is so rare, it had some medical workers beforeeled. >> it is rare to see a 107 fever. i remember speaking to the er
6:43 am
physician. i think i asked him about three times, 107? he said yes. i said documented 107. and he said yes. >> it was the core temperature. >> it was impressively high. >> reporter: the plague is generally transmitted to humans through the bites of infected fleas. she expects her daughter may have been exposed to intersection near a dead squirrel. sierra had wanted to bury the squirrel while the family as out camping. >> she was over there and her little pink sweatshirt was on the ground nearby had. what we think happened is i had her tie it around her waist as the family was leaving. and we found some flea bites around her torso. >> reporter: federal health officials say an average of seven cases are reported in the u.s. each year. without treatment, it kills about 2/3 of inif he canned humans within four days. thankfully, little sierra has
6:44 am
been moved out of intensive care and is recovering. in new york, lauren green, fox news. football season is under way but the national football league isn't just focused on the game. the organization has pledged $30 million for medical research to the foundation for national institutes of health. the money will go towards brain research including concussion management and treatment and a look at a relationship between traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative disorders. the research is designed to benefit both athletes and the general public. neral public. lets he check in with gwen on the forecast. >> today is not a day you want to be out playing football. we are headed for some cooler days for you. you will get to enjoy that. let's begin with a look at our weather headlines and tell you what is coming up. just some a.m. showers. we are talking about a possibility? some of hour neighborhoods. some of you already seeing some of that. we could see a few more popping
6:45 am
up before it is all said and done. humidity is sticking around as well. so you will have to deal with that. we have unsettled day in the forecast. with you we are talking about some cooler days ahead. a little drop in the temperatures and a little more sunshine for you. in the meantime, here is a look at your current temperatures. 7 # degrees at reagan national airport. 75 at dulles. -- 78 degrees at reagan national airport. let's take a look at our satellite-radar composite. to the west, we've got some showers that that have popped up. a little bit to the north of d.c. as well. but this is what we're talking about. not a total washout for everybody throughout the course of the day. we could see a few of these popping up. we are dealing with a trough as well as a frontal system so there is the possibility even later on this evening of seeing just a pop-up shower or so. let's go back to the weather
6:46 am
maps. as we progress into the course of the day, expect to see a few clouds. but as we move through tomorrow, a lot more sunshine for you. we'll have mostly sunny skies tomorrow but both days, it will be hot. it will be sticky and muggy. we'll see the humidity really rise so just be prepared for that as well. 90degrees. chance of an is a light shower as well. partly sunny and sticky. tonight, 74 degrees. winds will push in from the southwest. here is a look at your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. a chance of thunderstorms as we head through into the weekend. cooler conditions will be kicking in the beginning of week show. we'll be down into the mid-60s by tuesday with no shortage of sure for you. so thins will get drier as well. the weekend, you will need to keep your eyes to the skies. >> thank you. tony perkins is here. >> good morning. >> you certainly look colorful. >> very nice up here.
6:47 am
>> we're trying. >> looks good. >> purple and pink over there. >> we're trying in our own way. >> we're trying too. >> it is now time for ask tony and tucker. gwen, you have not seen the new intro. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i typically put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions. tucker is off. gwen is our guest answerer. in extreme heat or cold conditions, why is it sometimes said that, for example, it is a hundred degree but it field like 105 or it is 25 degrees but it feels like 20? does the human body recognize the difference? good question, katherine. well, in the example, do you recognize the difference between 100 and 105?
6:48 am
not so much. typically, if we are saying that type of thing, it is because there are other smiewns on the temperature behides just the temperature itself. -- there are other influences on the temperature besides just the temperature itself. when we give the heat index, we are talking about not just the air temperature and the level of humidity and how that feels to you. it will make it -- the old saying, or the joke is you're in las vegas or some places like that. it is 105 degrees. a dry heat. 105 in the desert feels better than say 93 degrees here. when it comes to cold, we'll say it is 33 degrees but it field like 25. winds will make it feel cooler. >> even like today, when we
6:49 am
have the humidity kicking in, our air temperature will be 90 but it will feel like it is a lot warmer. the same thin with the wind chill. the win, as tony mentioned, will make a big difference. -- the wind, as tony mentioned, will make a big difference. if you think about, if you have hot soup, for example, and you blow on it, you will see the temperature get a little bit cooler. >> the reason this information is given is because our bodies react differently to different weather conditions and it can be dangerous if are exposed to cold temperature and you factor in the wind and it makes it feel colder than it is. to your body, it feels colder and your body will react differently. all kind of information here about in the cold, how the body reacts. actually, humans, we essentially deal with heat
6:50 am
better than we deal with cold. >> we do? >> yeah. >> keep that in mind when snow hits the ground i don't i can put on more clothes. >> when you are sweating, that is the human body's cooling system. >> we have a good cooling system but we don't have a good warming up system. >> we are probably out of time. essentially, that is what you need to know. it does make a did you have rens and that is why it gets pointed out to you. >> unless you are a complain are like me who doesn't like extreme heat or extreme cold, and then it doesn't matter either way. you just say it's cold, i don't like it. or its ahot, i don't like it either. >> he is a man who is so hard to please. >> they all are. >> thank you very much, katherine, for the question. if you have a question you want
6:51 am
answered, go for and click on the weather tab. >> who is this? >> oh, boy. >> ella fitzgerald. >> very good. >> great song. >> speaking of too hot -- she likes it hot. >> i don't think that is what he meant, sarah. >> oh! >> we do like it hot. wisdom and i, we got this thing going on. we got our plane tickets ready. imwe're heading to miami. -- we're heading to miami. heavy volume as you continue westbound around 495 and continue in towards the silver spring area. southbound on the bw parkway at a stand still. thank you for checking in with our fox 5 waze app.
6:52 am
the crew in sky fox joining us no. heavy volume as you make your way to and from 109. this is the commute south of montrose road headed out towards the split. all lanes are open. volume delays only and that will carry you southbound on to the spur headed out past democracy boulevard. inner loop slowing from braddock road to gallows road. stalled tractor-trailer out of your way. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. >> thank you. first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden are doing some community service while in charlotte. they will pack care packages for service members returning home from overseas deployment. they will include shampoos, razors and wash cloths. this morning, hundreds of people in d.c. have a new sense of how healthy they are.
6:53 am
more than 800 people were given free physicals yesterday thanks to i visit from dr. oz. they are screened for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, weight and waist size. more than half of those tested have high blood pressure. 2/3 were overweight or obese. more young people in d.c. are smokers compared to the other cities where dr. oz tested. and despite these findings, dr. oz told us it was a day filled with hope. >> people feel like they could have hope. something you feel and you sense when you're dealing with hundreds of people. the first question i got asked was what do i do it b. it?
6:54 am
how do i fix it. >> we want to thank dr. oz for hosting us. on monday, he will talk about a new season of his show. >> he is on the show again next week. >> we should just build a wing. he can stay as long as he wants. still ahead, ready to shake up your shopping routine. >> all about that. >> holly is live in georgetown for some free cupcakes and there are man caves, something for everybody at fashion's night out and that includes a preview of fall's latest looks. we're back in a moment. 
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6:57 am
good morning, everybody. i'm holly morrison. you know what? all you style maidens out there, i have yet another fashion playground for you. remember tuesday we were in old town talking about their first fashions night out? well, this morning we're live in georgetown where they are gearing up for their fourth
6:58 am
annual fashions night out. in fact, georgetown is the one that brought fashions night out to our region. they promise this year will be the biggest and best for them. they have some 100 plus stores, restaurants and salons all taking part, special things planned. we'll find out what that is. we also have a few special things planned this morning in terms of getting you ready for fall. we have a fashion blogger coming up to talk about the must-have fashion items as we enter into the fall season, especially how to shop fashions night out, how you can find those things that you need. there's a new men's store opening up here, so fashions night out is not just for ladies. we'll talk about that. we have a salonnist coming up to talk about hair styles for the fall and beauty product bar that's coming to talk about skin. so, remember how i look now because by the time i'm done i really should be fashionable. >> i can't imagine you looking any better, holly. >>reporter: we can always get better. >> i agree with you on that. >> always achieving more. holily, thank you. >>reporter: you're welcome. time now for our facebook
6:59 am
fan of the day. it is omar mitchell. >> hey, omar. >> omar says it's always a pleasure to waking up to fox 5 morning news and today it'll be even better because he's celebrating his birthday. happy birthday to you. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, log onto our facebook page and leave a comment under omar's picture. that does it for the 6:00 hour. let's send it over to allison and tony. good morning to you both. >> good thursday morning, or should i say friday eve? thank you very much. coming up on fox 5 news at 7:00, the president stealing the show at last night's democratic national convention. >> i want to nominate a man who's cool on the outside, but who burns for america on the inside. >> that is president bill clinton, of course, firing up the delegates, ending his speech with a big round of applause and and on-stage embrace from president barack obama. tonight it is
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